TEDxNatick Talk: Artificial Intelligence Meets Mental Health Therapy

In January our Chief Science & Strategy Officer, Andy Blackwell, participated in the TEDxNatick Talk, where he addressed an 800 strong audience on why harnessing the power of deep learning and natural language processing, and applying it to real world clinical data, will allow for more personalized and improved mental healthcare treatments.

By using artificial intelligence to learn and deliver some of the active and essential ingredients to mental healthcare, he presented a future where the barriers associated with treatment today can start to come down and millions of people globally can get the help they need using computing.

You can now watch Andy’s inspiring and thought-provoking talk on YouTube and hear why we are entering an era where we can really understand more about real world data and clinical evidence we have at our fingertips, and build the future of mental healthcare.

This isn’t science fiction, Ieso Digital Health, with its Eight Billion Minds program, is building these technologies now and will enter clinical trials soon. Ieso wants to create a world where no one is held back by mental illness. A world where regardless of location or demographic treatments are available to anyone, anytime.   We want to make this reality!

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